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What is C Programming Language its Definition and its Uses

Hi, Friends. Iam sharing information about the C Language definition and it other uses. This programming language plays a Vital role in the field of the Science and technology. With out this you may also find difficulty other Language such as PHP, Dot Net and Java.  In the beginning stages you need to know about the what is c Language it importance and other important information. Remember this great Language is founded by single Person.

Refer also some good sources and standard text Books to know now the complete information. Starting working with this  the Lab to get the practical exposure.

What is C language. ?
C  Is Programming Language Developed At AT & T's Bell Laboratories which is Located USA ( United sates of America ) in the Year 1972. This information shall be very useful when you have to face the interviews.

Many Programmers have define this Language in their own way based on how they have understand while working practically.

It is Designed and Developed by person name Dennis M Ritchie . You need to remember this name 
  • It is Named as C . Because some of Features Derived From B language
  • The c Programming Language started Replacing Languages of  Seventies  like ALGOL. Leading to Its Popularity.
  • It is one of the Most Widely  used Among the Programming Language.
  • It Has About 32 Keywords (some More are Added )
What  is C language used For ?
  • If We learn C it is useful to learn other Languages such as C++ , Java, Dotnet.
  • Major Parts of OS such that. operating system is Written in C.
  • The  Embedded C is used In Microprocessor.
  • Use to Make 3D computer Games. etc.
Will facing the interviews This Information will be very useful to you. Try to find some good books. The C programming language is all about the using the Logic. After knowing of the definition and its uses you need to more towards other important concepts such as constants, Integers Etc.

Best of Luck for your Career. Thanks. Suggestions and comments are most welcome .

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